No ha sido fácil pero aquí estoy, con mucho amor les presento a KURUVA

After more than 10 months of long sleepless nights, early mornings, frustrations and endless days researching, searching and analyzing, here I am, materialized in a sustainable brand and a community of women who want to revolutionize their soul.

It hasn't been easy to see how because I was new to the industry they closed doors on me or asked me for exorbitant figures to get started.

But that has not been an obstacle to launching something that goes beyond a brand that sells products.

Kuruva arrives with a great mission, to awaken and encourage the spirit of adventure and participation in extreme sports in women.

The creation of this brand arises from the passion for tropical life, respect for the environment and extreme sports. In turn, it arises from the absence of partners in crime when it comes to surfing, climbing, cycling and many other sports in which the focus has been on the male gender.

I still have many things to adjust but they say that the important thing is to get started, as I go along I will gradually improve the twenty thousand and one aspects that go into launching a project like this (a thousand times I thought about throwing in the towel).

In the meantime, I leave you with Kuruva, a brand where all products are sustainable, from the sowable labels to the bikinis made from recycled nylon technical fabric.

I hope with all my heart that you like this mix that reflects my spirit of adventure, my passion for extreme sports, fashion, respect for our planet and of course, my Colombian and tropical roots.


Written by Claudia Garcia