¿Por qué nos unimos al movimiento de Slow Fashion ?

2,700 liters of water are needed to make a cotton t-shirt . And 30% of the clothing produced ends up as waste.

From there we emerged, we carry our environmental commitment to all aspects of our brand, from our compostable bags to our swimsuits and bikinis made of recycled Econyl Nylon.

Econyl is a material that is made from nylon waste. It can be regenerated an unlimited number of times without compromising its quality, which means that it adapts perfectly to a circular economy model.

Econyl yarn helps correct the flow of global garbage present in landfills and oceans, since old fishing nets, carpets and industrial plastic are processed to make it .

Do you usually look at the label of the clothes you buy?
We suggest that you start doing so, it is important that you start to look more closely at what you buy, many of the pieces that currently end up in your closet can be highly polluting such as polyester - present in 60% of fabrics worldwide.

It is also important that you do not overlook where (and under what conditions) the clothes you buy are made. It is in this lack of knowledge that one of the greatest challenges lies in favor of a more ethical fashion industry.

Surely you don't need more clothes, but if you are going to buy we recommend you go for eco-friendly clothes.

Written by Claudia Garcia