The KURUVA community was born out of a passion for extreme sports, the tropical environment, island life, the mountains and respect for the environment.

At the same time, the brand arises from the absence of partners in crime when it comes to playing (surfing, climbing, cycling, kitesurfing, and other sports in which the focus has been on the male gender).

At Kuruva we are creating a community of women passionate about outdoor sports, physical challenges and especially extreme sports and we want you to be part of that group of girls who have not lost their adventurous spirit.

Join our group of athletes, surfers, climbers, skaters, yogis, cyclists, kitesurfers, divers, swimmers, dancers, but above all girls who generate change and achieve goals.

Being part of our community means wanting to continue playing.


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What sport you like?


What is the objective of the Kuruva Community?

The objective is that you do not lose the spirit of girls and that you find playmates.

We want you to realize that you are not alone, that there are more girls of all ages out there who want to surf, climb, jump off a ravine and in general, join a million adventures with extreme twisting.

What do we do within the Kuruva community?

Within the Kuruva Community we have meetups, but not to have coffee or a few beers (good too, but after the adventure).

Within the community we meet several times a month to do different extreme sports and physical challenges, from canyoning or kitesurfing to Yoga on paddle boards, yes, that's right, we like to complicate our lives but in a fun way and always in contact with the community. nature.

Where is the Kuruva community located?

Little by little we are organizing meet-ups with community members in different parts of the world. Join the community and find out where the next meetup in your area will be.

With the KURUVA movement we want to reach all corners of the world and for all girls with the soul of adventurous girls to find their "partner in crime" in extreme sports.

Can I be part of the Kuruva Community even if I have never done extreme sports?

Of course!

Our goal is to awaken the adventurous girl inside you and make you want to continue playing.

We love welcoming girls who dare to leave their comfort zone so if you have never done any type of extreme sport, don't worry, here we are going to revolutionize your soul.

Oh and don't worry, our brand of swimsuits and bikinis KURUVA is wild and is designed to survive dives, bomb jumps into the water, distracted waves that try to leave us as we came into the world and beach cartwheels so girls... Let's Play.