Llevamos 2 semanas y la familia Kuruva sigue creciendo y las aventuras no paran

Hello everyone, it's been two weeks since we launched Kuruva with our first collection of sustainable swimsuits and bikinis and a community of girls who don't stop playing.

Since then, the Kuruva family continues to grow daily, more and more of us sharing and supporting each other in this movement.

We have not stopped making fun plans, where we have surfed fears, climbed obstacles, and above all we have played like the girls we really have inside.

Over the course of these last few weeks we have seen girls overcome fears and bring out all the courage and potential they have inside and go from not being able to get on a paddle board out of fear, to wanting to learn to surf.

Paddle board girls Kuruva Community Girls who had played a Grigri in their lives and suddenly found out about climbing equipment and wanted to break all the barriers.

Something is being born and changing within Kuruva, we are becoming a revolution for ourselves, and we hope that you not only stay to see us but that you get on this roller coaster that the only thing that is not going to do is stop.

Expedition girls making psychobloc

After having shared all these plans, yoga on stand up paddle boards, climbing, psychobloc, canyoning, we intend to continue our adventures throughout Spain and, if possible, throughout the world.

For now, if you are on the Costa Blanca, we would love for you to start being part of our meetups, so stay alert to find out all our weekly plans.

Written by KURUVA Admin
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