Founder and CEO of Kuruva
Kuruva Community Manager 
Valentina has a gift, she loves taking care of the people that joins our events she makes them laugh and makes sure everyone is ok. 
She is involved in the organisation of all the events of Kuruva Community in the different locations. 
Yoga Teacher and Fire Keeper
Inez was born Portuguese, graduated from Environmental Engineering, is a Yoga Teacher, Bodyworker and Fire Keeper. 

Her body training started at the age of 4 with Classical Ballet, Horseback Riding and Gymnastics. Has been in the Yoga path since 1999, teaching since 2005 and is a certified Master Teacher of Yoga Alliance International and World Yoga Federation.

Created the Game MAYOGA with Portuguese enterprise Majora and is the Promoter of Prison Yoga Project in Portugal.

As a Bodyworker studied Abhyanga & Ayurvedic Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Liquid Flow (Watsu), Thai, Sobada Maya, Reiki and Chakra Readings with Pendulum.

Inez is a Iniciated Fire Keeper, helds Fire Ceremonies and is authorized to iniciate Fire Keepers under the Mayan Cosmovision.