¿Qué es la moda sostenible o el Slow fashion?

Slow fashion vs fast fashion

What are the characteristics of the so-called fast fashion?

The so-called fast fashion has taken over one of the most important industries: textiles.

In fact, the fashion industry has become the second most polluting industry: How do you feel if we tell you that 20% of the waste generated on the planet comes from this industry?

This is because fast fashion is based on creating garments quickly and in large volumes.

What are the characteristics of ecological fashion or slow fashion?

Ecological fashion encourages a more responsible and ethical attitude towards consumption.

  • Ecological fashion supports companies with few staff and that manufacture locally .
  • Bet on recycling and purchasing second-hand clothing products .
  • Understand that we must donate the clothing items that we no longer use and return them to the cycle of use.
  • The manufacturing materials of first-hand ecological fashion are sustainable .

When choosing the clothes you are going to buy, you can find out about the origin of the materials. This way, you will know how it was manufactured, by what company and under what conditions.


At Kuruva we want you to have quality products that are kind to the environment, that is why we are part of the slow fashion movement that tries to give you the greatest  transparency of production processes, introducing garment traceability . So that the consumer knows who, where and under what conditions the clothes they are wearing have been made.

We try to make all our products come from a sustainable conscience from our bikinis and swimsuits to their packaging bags and labels made with chamomile seeds that you can plant.

Written by Claudia Garcia