Primer surftrip de Kuruva Community

At Kuruva Community we have organized our first surf trip for adventurous girls, we have gone to Sagres (Portugal), seven wonderful women of strong arms have gotten together to enjoy a little of the perfect waves of our neighboring country and it has turned out to be a complete success.

Our main objective was to improve for those of us who had already surfed before and to learn for those who had never tried it and it has turned out to be much more than a simple surf trip. We have shared unforgettable experiences that have set the bar very high. What we thought was going to be just an experience of the sea and learning, turned out to be much more, it was laughter, dancing, food and walks full of good vibes and we wouldn't change it for anything.

But this has only just begun and next time we want you to come with us and don't miss it.

#GirlsLetsPlay #GirlsLetsPlay #KuruvaCommunity

Written by Claudia Garcia