Wakeboard - Paddle Board - Sunset DJ Session by the lake. Sunday 09-12-2021 Castelo do Bode - Portugal

Tax included.

Come and join us on Sunday the 12th of September by the lake in Castell do Bode (one and a half hours away from Lisbon).

It is in a magical place and we are going to have a mix of extreme sports, adventure, amazing food, and a sunset DJ Set.

We will be welcoming people from 10 am.
And we will start the paddleboard session by the lake at 11 am.

The full-day price includes

  • Paddleboard session in the morning (equipment included)
  • Lunch
  • Wakeboard lessons in the afternoon with European Champion Chico Lopes
  • Sunset DJ set
  • Dinner

The full day cost is 120 euros

Additional features

Neurofeedback session with Xico Teixeira

If you can't join the full day we would love to have you during the afternoon/evening vibes.
So you can chill by the lake, join us for the wakeboard session, for the DJ Set and the dinner.
The Afternoon/evening session cost: 90 euros

You can also pay via Revolut
LT58 3250 0324 2421 0462

MB Way
00351 968277501

You can also join our chat of the event to know more about it and to connect with all the amazing people who are joining us this day